Organization of business missions for representatives of export-oriented enterprises of the Altai Territory to foreign countries

Организация участия в российских и международных выставках представителей экспортно-ориентированных предприятий Алтайского края

Бизнес-миссии и выставки – это возможность наладить и расширить торгово-экономические контакты между регионами и странами для выхода на новые рынки, осуществить поиск новых партнеров и клиентов, а также обмен опытом в области развития бизнеса и привлечения инвестиций.

В рамках бизнес-миссий, проводимых Центром поддержки экспорта, имеется возможность: 

  • целевого подбора потенциальных партнеров с учетом интересов, возможностей и потребностей участников бизнес-миссии
  • организации деловых встреч с потенциальными партнерами в выбранном Вами формате и на заданную Вами тему

В ходе данных мероприятий вы сможете не только провести переговоры, но и посетить предприятия потенциальных партнёров.

Центр поддержки экспорта возьмет на себя решение организационных вопросов, связанных с поездкой, а при формировании тематики и географии поездок будут полностью учтены все интересы и пожелания участников.


In the regions of Russia, including the Altai Territory, the School of Export of REC operates through operators - Export Support Centers. . In total, 55 regions currently participate in the implementation of the educational program of the School of Export of the REC. The seminar is held in the format of trainings, the participants of which are invited to listen to lectures on the theory of foreign economic activity, solve thematic cases and carry out practical tasks
The export support center will assist in the selection and verification of a foreign partner / counterparty
The main task of the study of foreign markets is an attempt to isolate from the number of potential consumers such a target group, which, under certain commercial efforts, the exporter will be easier and faster than other groups to purchase the products offered.
The Export Support Center provides translation services for foreign languages of presentation and marketing materials, as well as foreign trade contracts. In addition, exporting entrepreneurs have the opportunity to translate their website and adapt it to foreign Internet resources.
Business missions and exhibitions are an opportunity to establish and expand trade and economic contacts between regions and countries in order to enter new markets, search for new partners and customers, as well as exchange of experience in the field of business development and investment attraction. As part of these activities conducted by the Export Support Center, it is possible to: targeted selection of potential partners taking into account the interests, capabilities and needs of the participants of a business mission or exhibition; organizing business meetings with potential partners in the format you chose and on the topic you specified. During these events, you can not only negotiate, but also visit the enterprises of potential partners. The export support center will take care of the organizational issues related to the trip, and in forming the themes and geography of the trips all the interests and wishes of the participants will be fully taken into account.

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